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 Those who do not know enough represent eco-humanists often as humanists who, besides looking for the improvement and the happiness of human Being, protect also their natural environment.

  It is good, but insufficient to describe the deep metacultural current, several times millenarian, which feeds the eco-humanist commitment. Eco-humanism applies to a vast civilizational whole.

 Its societal values are universal, fundamental. And scientifically too, its reflexion goes very far.

 In fact, Eco-humanism expresses a natural movement of projection and protection of the organized human whole, the human House, in its environment, from where emerges a great project of society and civilisation.

 Eco-humanism incites to the constitution of a society of free and responsible human Beings, mutualizing intelligently their resources to be stronger and happier together, and so to survive better in their environment, internal and external.

 In order that everybody can appreciate with full knowledge, we are going to try here to understand better and to situate this engaging current of thought, which deserves to be still shared, passed on, and improved, from generation to generation.   


 a mini-fascicle of discovering of EH is available here 


 and here, a presentation of the new EH network Nemesis (2019)  

  A modern eco-humanism was already officially carried and promoted by big parties of government, in many countries.  In the 20th century, renowned Heads of state made it an important topic of their action, in their country and in the UN.

  But their action was limited by a lack of communication and relay in the civil society. This could be done better.

  Because from their side, in many countries, associations, labor unions, universities, etc., spread or apply also these ideas. It is thus necessary to still improve our communication, our cooperation, and our transmission.

  In this aim, independent eco-humanist networks were constituted and coordinated freely.

  I helped several of these networks, by training their driving forces, and by passing on them bases of organization and knowledge. And I advised several interested senior politicians.

  I still invite every persons of willingness to continue to share these bases and to establish freely new structures of eco-humanism, usefully connected.

EH can mobilize a better and better informed majority, and no longer only a restricted elite.

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 is open to all defenders of the human general interest

World crisis XXI :

the real dangers



According to the example of the main world network of humanist ecology which was admitted in permanent consultative status in the UN (Ecosoc), most of eco-humanist structures (INGO or simple local associations) support actively the actions of the UN, in particular for the debates of the international civil society and for the fulfillment of the MDGs, by developing an international voluntary service of cooperation.

 Their commitment, their motivation, take their source in the generous, universal cultural current, which is presented here to those who do not know it yet, or not enough. But the UN having no longer enough means, the civil society must act also beyond this limited framework.


What we gain

     in it concretely


An enriching diversity.

Eco-humanists have very diverse ethnical and cultural origins. But they work all together to build a better humanity. Everybody can join this open community by combining in it usefulness and pleasure.


The secret

of their success

  While entering in its 21th century, Humanity is involved in a major change of civilization, and for the first time in its history, this change is worldwide.

  One of the key points of this change is an awareness of the interdependence of the whole human species and of the character inevitably solidary of its development in its environment, where its fate and its survival are linked to its good structural and cultural (particularly relational) cohesion, and to its good adaptive reactivity.

  In this way, eco-humanism contributes to the realization of a project of life suited for the exceptional evolutionary potential of the human species, in natural movement of self-correction.

  A self-correction whose necessity became strong in the 21st century, in front of the risks of unbalance and violence which threaten temporarily the world community.

Call for participations.

These texts were written first in French, and translated then into other languages. Please excuse and correct any possible imperfection of translation.

If you like eco-humanist ideas and texts, and if you can, participate in their translation and in their sharing in your language. As for freewares, anybody can use and pass on them, and even improve them, knowing that the contributions appreciated by most of people can be resumed and used for a long time, as long as they remain satisfactory and useful.


The EH

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