what can everybody

                     gain, concretely,

               with eco-humanism ?


①  A motivating sense for his(her) life, and a gratifying personal valuation, through a social utility and a social function continuing more than 26 centuries of a world laical humanist maturing, more and more useful for the good human development and happiness.

② A mutualized solidarity, and a mutualized protection, reciprocally profitable, felt in the eco-humanist community, local and global, with exchanges, sharing, practical and moral support, etc.

③ Compelling activities, with initiatives that can be also proposed and impulsed by each one, to built a better life, for him(her) and for the others.

Indeed, everybody sees that his(her) activity benefits him(her)self, and benefits also people who legitimately need it, in the true interest of the human society, thus not to impostors, monopolizers, or other abusers and social parasites, political, religious, or mercantile.

Eco-humanism prospers by its good exemplary nature, by its protective mutualization, and by the free swarming of its volunteers and groups, who share their convictions, their knowledges, and their means, without dependence from any parasite structure.

In eco-humanism, by principle of subsidiarity, even when there is a superior organization sufficiently recognized as useful and to which we can participate, we entrust however to it only what we are not capable to do well ourselves to improve the quality and the effectiveness of our community, and to preserve in it the human general interest .

For all these reasons, everybody can then feel confident, proud, and happy being Eco-humanist.

By being stronger, structurally and psychologically, we can be all the more concretely effective, and contribute to advancing on the ground important EH societal goals, in particular

 - a direct democracy (with drawing of lots of public representatives, and citizen referendums),

- a universal income (decent unconditional redistribution of a part of the public wealth),

- an equitable sharing of the resources of general interest (involving a solidarian cooperation),

- a citizen self-protection (with firm correction of antisocial violence and predation),

- a balanced and well-federalised arbitral organization of the legitimate human communities,

- a synergistic protection of the common societal environment and of the natural biotope,

- a prevention and a correction of financial abuse and of excessive private appropriation,

- a prevention and a correction of information corruptions, ...etc.

By contributing to such eco-humanist goals, everyone can put his skills and his motivation in test into the realities of the ground,  and collectively value useful means and experiences, while improving the public expression of his conviction and of his self-confidence. What goes both in the personal interest and in the general interest.