A magnificent heritage of progress

at the service of the general interest of Humanity

and of the quality of life of human Beings :











A new concept? No. The naming was modernized, but it concerns

a metacultural current which is in its third millennium.

It carries a major existential philosophy, naturally

 self-improvable, that has nothing to do with the led astray

concepts of ecology and humanism of the 20th century.


Thanks to its long succesful maturation, EH can contribute effectively to the necessary societal correction of the 21st century, regulating in particular our main security problems.

With this powerful civilizational heritage,




protect our societal and environmental capital


without getting lost in impasses, or without be manipulated against our interest, by misleading organizations and informations.


We must go on, by 


overcoming the true dangers which threaten us,


and contributing to the great historical process of self-development and self-correction naturally designed by our species for its preservation and its happiness.

    In this historical evolutionary process, Eco-humanism expresses, strenghtens, and passes on, dynamics of development which freely mature from each generation to other, for more than 26 centuries ; a coherent dynamics, as much very old as very modern, because constantly self-corrected, and improved by awake, cultured, and motivated spirits, more and more numerous. That is why the modern expression of Eco-humanism was considered as the second humanist revolution, after the one of the european Renaissance.

     Indeed, while western classical humanism was not able to prevent in the 20th century that impostures and abuses falsify its public image, Eco-humanism stayed firmly and clearly on the self-corrected trajectory of historical humanism, by insisting on the vital necessity of the cohesion of our species, with a fair sharing of its resources, and a good balance of relations between the human Being and the human whole. What necessarily implies a cooperation of the great historical socio-cultural sets, peoples and nations, respected as such and independent, but federated in the general human interest, and defenders of this general interest.


We can and we must thus continue that way to

build, protect, project, the best of Human,

knowing that the human Being and its societal whole cannot prosper one without the other, one against the other, nor without balance in their common House, or without permanent self-correction of their evolution. It is an obvious necessity, notably political, for the whole of Humanity.


     That induces, for those who want it, a valuable volunteering by which eco-humanists contribute to the improvement and to the protection of a world societal compound, sooner or later united, federating fairly its diverse structures, independent from any power, illegitimate, and/or against the general interest. Thank you again to all the altruistic, brave, and generous volunteers, involved in the preservation and in the good development of the grand human House and of the big human family.

    They avoid in it any bad competition, and promote cooperation. Thanks to them, with respect courage, and humility, the eco-humanist model progresses by its verifiable value, both conceptual and practical, which makes other opposed models obviously obsolete, less effective, or unacceptable, for the preservation of the human general interest and happiness. Except in case of threat, the "EH" hand knows how to stay open, because supported by a securing structure, and by a justified necessity, a human intelligent cooperation does more and better than a bad or sterile competition. 

     The essentials of what share the "EH" volunteers, and which bases as much their personal creed as their common societal project, is particularly exposed in a Fundamental Charter of the Protective Societal Principles, which everybody can freely consult and promote. This Charter results from a work of synthesis and updating made in 1998 and 1999 by eco-humanist groups and networks of diverse countries, then widely broadcasted by the common network Gaia Mater, after its admission in 2006 in permanent consultative status in the UN. Confident in their permanently improved cultural capital, eco-humanist volunteers are more and more numerous, better and better organized, and led to play a major role in the societal evolution.

    And you, what do you think about it ? Are you interested, you too, for sharing, optimizing, passing on, protecting, applying, such a metacultural heritage of general interest, fruit and collective inheritance of the human genius, concretely profitable to the whole of Humanity and to yourself too ?  Take then freely on this site the ideas and the tools which interest you, if you don't have them already. Then, cheer up ! to go even farther, freely...

     ... and to be useful in it. Indeed, there are many good reasons to participate in the societal protection. But nowadays, one of the most urgent is to be able to contribute effectively to the very next collapse of the so-called "western" dominant plutocratic system, preventing that it regenerates in other forms or it is replaced by another toxic structure. There, everyone will have to be in good time well prepared, informed, and organized, to improve accordingly his chances to survive the induced convulsions and violences. This site contributes in this purpose to a sharing of information and motivation, and to  a civic well organized self-correction

 (See here an example of presentation-motivation, by an EH group)

        but you can also participate in EH with your own expression !

      Therefore, from now on,


  let us share our resources to be 

 stronger and happier together.

 And let us protect the common

 House of Humanity.

 In every case, we shall win at it


    as much as we will be brave and united. In this process, EH will guide us and will help us to stay in cohesion, but nothing will be able to replace our sane will and our efficient action. We shall have necessarily to dare to know and to know to dare, always better, together, in the human general interest.


   There, the information and the motivation of all of us will matter very much. So, take time from now on to deepen, step by step, with your rhythm, in your own way, the big protective project-heritage relieved by Eco-humanism, which belongs to you as much as to any other Human being, and which can do so much good to us. And when you feel ready, act, do your part. Thank you all. 



  EH... it is immense, it is exciting, and it belongs to you too.

   Recognize yourself in EH !


    Because in opposition to the parasitic pseudo-elites of having, appearing, and power, the eco-humanist volunteers constitute a true elite of knowledge, being, and duty, an exemplary but humble elite, sharingeous, and as much courageous as needed to effectively protect the general human interest (by definition, an elite gathers together those who can be distinguished and chosen, in the public interest, because of the excellence of their qualities).




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