The beginning of the 21th century carries in germ a decomposition, temporary but violent, of all or part of the world human community. In several big countries, processes of worsening of important conflictual phenomena already made up in the previous century, but which continue to threaten the peace of the human House, are resulting from :

● 1)   a geostrategic competition of oligarchies, States, and groups of States, rising in tension, and degenerating into multi-form violent confrontations, regional, then worldwide ;

● 2)   an outcome of processes of ethno-cultural undermining of diverse populations (including by instrumentalization of the abrahamic religions, schisms, and sects), degenerating into inter-community civil wars, secessions, and modifications of entities, being also able to start, feed, or accelerate, the effects of the previous point ;

● 3)  an outcome of processes of financial and monetary undermining, with collapse of the most corrupt currencies, then of their linked economies and public budgets, being also able to start, feed, or accelerate, the effects of the previous 2 points;

● 4)   speculations and induced shortages of essential raw materials (food, fresh water, fuels, rare metals, etc.) being also able to start, accentuate, or accelerate, the effects of the previous 3 points.

   Every process is related to the others, but following its own logic and its own dynamics, what makes the whole potentially cumulative and not controllable. The components of a deep crisis are gathered there.

   The strongest probability of explosion is during the first quarter of the 21th century, with a possible transfer or shifting of events in the close short term, but with a logical quasi-impossibility to avoid any violence, sooner or later, considering the irreversible character and the severity of these existing processes, which amplify mutually their effects. And it is impossible, also, to foresee the duration of the violent events. 

   In front of this statement, the best reaction is necessarily pragmatic : for lack of being able to prevent such a caused societal disaster, but got out of any control, it is necessary to get organized to be able to attenuate as far as possible its effects during the events, and to be able then to reconstruct as well as possible.

   The optimal conditions of such a process depend on the knowledge, the understanding, and the application, of strong ethical and political principles, being able to contribute to prevent other societal predations and underminings, by improving the resiliency of our common human House, and its potential of self-correction. What implies a new sharing, well balanced, of powers and resources (including those of the information), in the general interest.

   Knowing that it will be necessary to reconstruct a world human society whose cohesion and permanent self-correction are more than ever necessities of survival, it is better to prepare this worksite as soon as possible.

    It is also to what contributes the metacultural heritage of the historic humanism, common patrimony of Humanity for more than 26 centuries, passed on and improved from generation to generation, and whose major modern synthesis, eco-humanism, incites to get on a great natural project of development and survival of the human species, by its increasing intelligent cohesion and its permanent self-correction.

   Somehow or other, historically, the human species gradually improved its cohesion of ensemble, and went out strengthened from its trials, in spite of all losses, sufferings, and destructions, which it momentarily underwent. From now on, however, our badly used technological means (in particular military) could put in danger our whole species. An essential contribution of eco-humanism is to have made it more conscious and more clear, keeping nevertheless a prudent hope in our exceptional evolutionary trajectory. Many eco-humanists, throughout the world, share and pass on this hope and this knowledge.

   Let us get ready bravely to bear the next announced societal thunderstorm -which can be very impacting- and to reconstruct a collective organization in the scale of the formidable potential fate of our species, without getting lost on bad ways. This implies daring to know, and knowing to dare. All things of which we are capable.


Marc CARL. Paris, 20 sept.2012

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ADDITIVE   18 dec.2012

   Let us call a spade a spade : the deep global societal crisis of the 21st century results from the activity of predatory plutocrats, supremacist and imperialist, mainly western (Anglo-Americans).

   These plutocrats and their proxies (acting in governments, parties, banks, industrial complexes, etc.) are perverse and corrupting predators, but enough intelligent anyway to mask and deform the reality, so that we cannot easily understand and anticipate their actions and their purposes, while they are embarrassing and worrying their opponents by a behavior alternately aggressive, or unpredictable, chaotic, and apparently absurd. But structurally, logically, ecologically, their predatory supremacist system is doomed to failure.

   The hypotheses of ending of the western pluto-imperialist system are the following ones:

1 - Auto-dissolution (as a result of its socioeconomic and financial bankruptcy, of technological dead ends, of a depletion of its human and environmental resources, etc.).

2 - Controlled destruction by the outside (further to actions of counter-undermining exercised by rival geopolitical blocks).

3 - Semi-controlled destruction by the inside (disorganization and intra-destruction of the leading predatory mafia and of its support-communities).

4 - Uncontrolled generalized destruction (in an internal and external violent conflagration).

5 - Temporary mutation of form (with new alliances, new financial rules, a new organized misappropriation of legitimacy) moving but not avoiding a final systematic bankruptcy.

6 - Conjunction of several of these hypotheses.


   But nothing obliges us to wait passively for these events. Because all this pathology can be treated by the application of an effective societal immunization and vaccination, proceeding from a reactive legitimate autocorrection of Humanity, which it is worth to apply as soon as possible.