Let us bet on our common interior strength !





Every human Being was born out of the natural biological matrix of his species, through the particular meeting of his parents. But then, his original materiality can be transcended, all the better when its direct parental link can be strength by another link, supra-parental, created when his spirit understands that Humanity is a supra-family, common to all the human Beings, which can act in a protective and constructive way for the happiness of all, if it is well organized, and not prevented or perverted.

Every human Being can then, in return, love and protect this Humanity, with empathy, as he does for any other dear being, on whom he depends and who depends on him.

And with or without felt transcendence, he can also situate into his environment, and be quite rightly amazed on certain aspects of the big universal dynamics, where the exceptional evolutionary power of his species is a particularly remarkable phenomenon, which must be strengthened for nothing less than its survival.

This widened supra-family relation, linked to the necessities of our evolution, is a strong base of eco-humanism, of which it feeds the dynamic spirituality, to go to meet a "hereafter" and a future whose character of eternity is already assumed, in its way, by the more and more intelligently proactive collective self-perpetuation of our species-family.

Proactive, as far as the exploration of the mysteries of our universal environment can be consciously projected by a lucid Humanity, capable of being loved enough by all its children to pull from it what to overcome voluntarily the hazards of its fate, with the immense organized strength of a big united family in which every child, happy and proud to live in it, is ready to protect what, and those, he loves, and to contribute to the lasting improvement of what makes live them all.

It is such a society, and the big project of civilization that leads to it, which eco-humanism persists bravely in promoting, in a natural movement several times thousand-years-old which nothing was still able to stop, where its particular spiritual dynamics, permanently strengthened and improved, is confirmed as the most capable of supporting the development and the survival of Humanity, in a universal environment where no other power or entity will do better for it than its own well educated children.


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