many people still ignore that our ancestors bequeathed us a great natural protective project, of which we are all heirs, generation after generation.

The world human community, divided, stressed, ready to internal confrontation, seems temporarily in lack of common collective project of general interest.

That is to say in lack of project really profitable for everyone, going beyond the religious, political, communitarian, or racial, divisions, and which pushes to a cooperation in solidarity, in the general interest of the whole human species. Many badly informed people think that it is not -or not yet- possible.

This project exists nevertheless, strengthened for more than 26 centuries by metacultural humanist values, able to be shared among every human Beings of goodwill. A project self-generated naturally by Humanity in evolution, according to a universal tendency, like our global planetary living system, built gradually by the complementary self-corrected interactions of its elements. This tendency induces a structuring power which assures the progressive cohesion of the human ensemble.

In fact, as we see the falling tree but not the growing forest, we see less the continuous maturation of the human society than its accidents. That is why this project remained for a long time underlying, intuitive, and little formulated in the general communication, but it has such a power that nothing until then was able to stop it. It incited, and still incites Humanity to develop, then to coordinate, its cultures, its peoples, and its resources, making the human ensemble better and better able to thrive and survive in solidarity in an environment where many obstacles and dangers threaten us, very beyond the climatic or political events of the moment.  

A globalization of the human ensemble is thus a natural tendency which can be usefully structuring and protective, on condition obviously that it is neither corrupted nor monopolized by particular interests, against the human general interest, and that its phenomena of internal conflicting competition are well regulated. And for this, there is no need to abolish borders, since they are protective filter septums that let pass only what is beneficial to the population they protect, without preventing a wider community, if it is sufficiently protective, well balanced, and arbitrated in the general interest. Such a well-managed diversity is an evolutionary asset.

The duty of those who know is to inform about this project those who do not know it yet, while making the process more and more conscious and participative. 

Because resulting from the permanent interactions of every powers of our human society, the quality of this project depends on the constructive contributions of the most possible human Beings. It is based on the synergy and on the intelligent dynamics of the biggest possible human community.

For centuries, great thinkers of different origins have brought their contributions in it, improving the possibilities of choices of Humanity to thrive in its environment and in its society.

International conventions voted by the UN General Assembly partly resumed its spirit. Unfortunately, the UN has no (or no longer) structure and no means enough effective to make them known and implemented really. To compensate for this temporary deficiency of institutionalized political effectiveness, the world civil society must take the relay.

Because this project-heritage, carrying hope, which belongs to everybody, can be shared and improved among as much human Beings as possible, thanks to the progress of modern communication means, with the relay of organizations of goodwill.

Its contemporary formalizing is called Eco-Humanism. But its contents is more important than its naming. Humanism is one of the most ancient historic metacultural expressions, among which its last major formulation, Eco-humanism, places effectively the human fact in its environment and in its societal framework, while making Humanity more and more aware of the proactive evolutionary project which it develops naturally to assure its survival and its progress, very beyond our disrupted current time, but able of correcting it.

I put on-line here my contribution to its sharing, and I invite cordially everybody to get involved too on this way of intelligent conservation of Humanity in its environment and in its society.

There is a lot of pleasure, good relations, advantages, to get from such a commitment, which associates in harmony the individual interest and the collective interest. Let us continue to carry out all together OUR project, while protecting us however from false humanisms, in particular "liberals", with which manipulators dress their operations, ignoring hypocritically that an abuse or excess of freedom is as much fatal for the societal cohesion as an insufficiency of freedom. The worrisome generalized confliction of the moment is a sad consequence of it ; what justifies even more the implementation of a great collective project, capable of correcting all that.