The conceptual excellence since the

     greek School of Miletus (7th to 5th centuries BC)


In a connected way to the advent of the antique Greek city (polis) where were henceforth promoted, particularly by the impulse of the archon legislator Solon, the equality of citizens in front of the law (isonomy), their solidarity, and a decent regulation of debts, the physicist philosopher Anaximander had developed with the milesian philosophical school a preeminence of wisdom (sophia) over traditional belief (doxa), and over the supernatural, in break with a theistic explanation of the origin of the world (theogony, or theogeny). From then on, there were in it the essential ingredients to begin to edificate a modern human civilization, profitable to every human groups, based on reason, science, cohesion, and justice.

The quality of the "logos" used by the Milesian school was even such that, twenty-four centuries before Darwin and Newton, Anaximander could already profess that a natural interaction of water with telluric materials, in a warm temperature, had produced embryos of life, then fish-like animals, which had evolved, up to human beings. And he exposed the idea of a founding principle (apeiron) characterizing the indefinite and unlimited universe in which human beings lived.  

Other philosophers have extended and broadened this way. In addition, Heraclitus explained by a concept of energy (which he represented by the caloric power of fire) the numerous possible modifications of matter, a matter that Democritus and Leucippus described from their part in an atomistic conception, all things which will be confirmed by modern science twenty-four centuries later.

The exemplary quality of the contributions of these pioneers, political, philosophical, and scientific reformers, constituted the historical starting point of a fundamental process of conceptual and societal excellence, a process which will be improved then from century to century, and which eco-humanism still contributes to protect and to pass on in the service of the civilized human whole (the human House).    


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