The eco-humanist progression.

(in other words, the progress of -and in- the grand human House)  


    Human Beings are determined and act according to the particular reality which is recomposed by their brain. To compensate the biological and cultural imperfections of this recomposing, eco-humanists optimize their knowledge and their action, in an approach of structured progression, proactive, permanent, and of general interest, which drives them in

Phases of progression of the human knowledge (daring to know) :

1- Learning (in particular by inquiring and by discovering without limit).

2- Understanding (in particular by verifying and by analyzing).

3- Adjusting (in particular by correcting and by improving carefully).

4- Passing on (in particular by mutual sharing and preservation).

  Phases of progression of the human action (knowing to dare) :

1- In each case, determine an aim (implying an intelligent projection).

2- Have the will to reach it (implying courage and motivation).

3- Gather the means to reach it (implying organization).

4- Reach it actually (implying efficiency and perseverance). 


   For eco-humanists, this logical cultural approach of progression, and the means which it mobilizes, have for purpose to improve permanently the proactive development of the human House (the higher integrative structure), and also the one of every Human being (the indivisible basic element), because the human House exists only as consequence of the existence of the human Being. 

   That is why, regarding the internal and protection subject, eco-humanism watches that the human intelligent composite whole, including the organism and the spirit of every human Being, and the common societal body of all the human Beings, is and stay in the best conditions to use its intrinsic faculties of auto-correction, contributing to counterbalance the natural entropy of its own system, and the dysfunctions of its organization and of its technology.

   And regarding the external and projection subject, eco-humanism contributes to promote in due course the major possibilities and means of our human evolutionary dynamics, becoming better and better known and voluntarily managed, in its best possible trajectory of development.


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